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Jonathan de Blok

About Me

Technical Artist with more then 20 years of experience in the CG industry.
Advertising / Motion Graphics  | Film/TV


Oegstgeest, Netherlands

Houdini Skills

Procedural Modeling  | Digital Assets  | Motion Editing  | Animation  | PDG  | VEX  | Python
Environments  | Character Rigging  | Hair & Fur  | Cloth  | Mantra  | Karma  | Lighting  | Pyro FX
Crowds  | Muscles  | Solaris  | Fluids  | Destruction FX  | Realtime FX


I am available for Freelance Work

Recent Forum Posts

Auto generate render previews with multiple HDRis 2024年2月8日10:26

These are your clues Do some basic TOPs / PDG tutorials and you'll figure it out.

Auto generate render previews with multiple HDRis 2024年2月8日7:25

TOPs is ideal for this.

-Folder with HDIs
-wedge the HDR files.
-wedge the rotation parm
-render all wedges.

It's really a nice and simple project to get into TOPs.

Clone Control Panel - save images? 2024年2月8日3:47

Besides the batch thing, even a single shot can get of the rails quite quickly during development.

The Karma ROP has a 'render to disk' and a 'render to mPlay' option, both not nice for doing iterative renders in a comfortable way.

The gallery has a 'render in background' button but it's tied to a viewport, so that's a very loose thing with very 'low confidence' of what you're going to get as eikonoklastes puts it. It's quite easy to accidently change a viewport, jump out of a camera or even mess a camera up.

The clones can be locked to a certain lop/cam/frame which is great, but they don't have a render button. They are either on pause or start to render every time you touch a node. Which is nice in demos but is quite a waste in energy and money with power-hungry GPUs and such. Needing to toggle the pause button for this is quite an annoying UX.

As a stop gap I made something [] that adds a 'render' button to the clone panel that add the functionality of a 'single shot' render-on-demand so I can use a clone as a locked-in background render. The only issue is that AOVs are a bit clunky to handle since the clones only deliver one AOV to the gallery at a time.

So what we need it a simple 'render' button that renders to the gallery using an explicit set, or sets, of camera/lop/frame and only renders when you tell it to. Ideally this is added for the 'normal' render and well as for the clones so you can check multiple shots/settings with a single click render action.

I know it's not a sexy as interactive viewport renders, which certainly have their place, but they are just too volatile and hard to work with if you need a locked in shot.

btw: @eikonoklastes if you need to control a lot of shots, have a look at [] you can visually control ranges and what not and use a single ROP and have ProSequencer control it for each shot.