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Documentation error regarding Cop2 X/Y globals? 2020年5月17日17:33

Hi, I'm not sure which subforum to post this in, hopefully this is ok!

I recently ran into some issues using a slightly outdated version of the SideFX Labs Maps Baker node in Houdini 18, where there was a significant (half pixel) offset on my baked result. The solution is to add half half a pixel to the X and Y globals before using them with a uvsample call. I noticed when making this post that this fix had been updated in the most recent build of the sideFX Labs tools.

The cop2 vex context documentation [] describes X and Y as:
location of the center of the current pixel being shaded in the range 0 to 1. Zero being the bottom of the image, and 1 being the top.

The behavior described above would lead me to believe that the X and Y globals actually return the top left corner of the current pixel. Are the docs wrong, or is something else going on here?

Game Tools | Maps Baker 2019年5月7日12:26

Hi, I'm having an issue with this node. Perhaps a bug, or a lack of houdini understanding on my part. I'm trying to bake vertex colors from a frame sequence mypath/myname.$F6.png, but after baking a given frame all subsequent bakes seem to cache and output that original frame, whether output by playing on the timeline with manual mode disabled, selecting a frame and manually clicking bake, or using this script:

import hou

node = hou.node('/obj/file1/sop_maps_baker1')

for i in range(int(hou.hscriptExpression(“$FSTART”)),int(hou.hscriptExpression(“$FEND”))):

Is this the intended functionality? If so, where should I look to modify this node to suit my needs?