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specify geo to be treat as one when using explode view node 2021年4月19日14:24

Hey Artists!

I'm trying to do some kind of motion graphics stuff and run into this issue, I'm using explode view to animated the geo but is there a way to specify the parts that circle in yellow to be treated as one big piece instead of exploding into multiple small pieces.

Big thanks!!

Set Absolute color 2020年11月9日12:07

Sure, you can use a fit function inside an attributeWrangle, and force the result into an integer.
Make sure to run over Primitives, not points, assuming you have packed primitives.
int color_index = int(fit01(rand(@primnum),0,3));
if (color_index == 0){v@Cd = set(1,0,0);}
if (color_index == 1){v@Cd = set(0,1,0);}
if (color_index == 2){v@Cd = set(0,0,1);}

Thank you very much, thats really helpful! Just to let you know I wanted each geo to have its own colour, not each primitive, so I changed your code to @class instead of @primnum after I added a connectivity node before the wrangle. Again thanks man

Set Absolute color 2020年11月9日11:41

Hello there,

May I know how to randomly set the colour to only red green and blue with no in-between?

thank you!