Kate Xagoraris

Kate Xagoraris

About Me

Houdini Artist at Spin VFX
VFX Artist
Advertising / Motion Graphics  | Film/TV


Toronto, Canada

Houdini Skills

Digital Assets  | Motion Editing  | Animation  | Solaris  | Mantra  | Karma  | Lighting  | Pyro FX  | Fluids  | Destruction FX  | Realtime FX  | VEX
Procedural Modeling  | Environments  | Character Rigging  | Hair & Fur  | Cloth  | Crowds  | Muscles  | PDG  | Python


I am currently employed at Spin VFX


obj-image Beginner
Raised By Wolves Skin Growth
obj-image Beginner
What is Velocity?
obj-image Intermediate
PDB Toolset
obj-image Beginner
Guided RBDs and Emit from RBD | Character Effects Part 1
obj-image Beginner
Creating Growth Effects with The Pyro Source Spread
obj-image Beginner
Let's make some Drool

Recent Forum Posts

Houdini Scientific Application and Showcase 2021年11月16日14:40

Excited to see this post!
I am a Phd student in physics, and I am very interested in using Houdini to build tools about numerical simulations(PDE, especially
solving Maxwell Equation such as FDTD, Boundary Element Method, etc).
I'd like to join and give feedbacks!
Yeah! Feel free to click the link and join. everyone is welcome!

Houdini Scientific Application and Showcase 2021年11月7日15:53

Hi there. I started a VFX /Houdini discord server for this very purpose. Here is the link for it: https://discord.gg/qH5JBhCTcM [discord.gg]

How can I use stamp() expression in ch() expression? 2019年9月6日13:52

Try removing the ‘ after the first bracket and the ’ before the final bracket. Cheers!