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Hiding HDA asset loading into level 2022年11月10日11:39

I have a HDA group with multiple assets in them, which are there to help with the bigger system.

For example like this, the HDA inside "MainTool" is not for public grabs and is only necessary inside it.
I figured out how to somehow hide it inside Houdini, but not in Unreal.

Does someone know how to hide "MainTool_MinorFunction"?

For loops number of vertices not updating 2021年2月25日10:49

It all works normally like yours, except detail.

That makes sense.
Welp, I guess I will just avoid using @numvtx in detail then, and just use nvertices().


For loops number of vertices not updating 2021年2月24日4:59

That was not what I meant tho. []
If you look at this image, when I switch the input of the for loop, I'm just wondering why
nvertices(0) //works
@numvtx //doesn't update
But it will update normally when the attribute wrangle is connect to the end of the for loop.
In my case, I don't want it connected to the end.

I think it's strange that it doesn't update, though
@numpt, @numprim
work fine in the same situation.
Only @numvtx messes up when the input is updated.
Even resetting the for loop doesn't work.
Re executing the code, doesn't work.
You need to update the code before @numvtx updates correctly.