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Writing exr with OCIO to jpg in COPs 2021年2月21日14:10

You mean like this ?
I don't get the same image unfortunately.

Writing exr with OCIO to jpg in COPs 2021年2月20日16:15

Thanks for you answer jsmack.

I was indeed using this method, but I have no idea of what to put in the "From space" and "To space" values.

Writing exr with OCIO to jpg in COPs 2021年2月20日12:33

Hello everyone,

I am currently rendering frames with Mantra in OCIO, and then I am using COPs to modify my final image. But my goal is then to export the final frames to jpg. But obviously when I write my exr rendered with OCIO into jpg, I have a different image from the one I had in the render view and in the composite view. Does anyone knows which parameter I need to use before writing out my frames into jpg ? Do I need to do some sort of conversion in a vop ?

Thanks a lot,