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Deform or add specific values to the ocean spectrum sop 2024年1月27日13:11

Hey everyone,

I need BIG waves and smaller waves on top. So the method would be to give a deformed grid in the ocean evaluate, so that it already has the big deformation. Or even do it after the ocean evaluate. But I want none of this.

Is there a way to "deform" directly the volume that comes out of the ocean spectrum SOP, adding for example values to the amplitude volume based on the deformation of a grid (with a flat grid as a rest and a deformed grid to give the amplitude bewteen the rest and the deformed grid). I tried some methods with point cloud and sampling the values to add them to the amplitude volume, but it just doesn't work (I think I just don't know enough of the process happening inside the ocean spectrum SOP anyway).

It might not sound very clear, but I just want to give my ocean spectrum a specific deformation so that I can plug it in a FLIP sim, and I don't want to do post deformatio of my sim.

I tried to do the deformation directly inside the ocean source wave tank (applying deformation to the points and the fields), but it doesn't give good results during the sim. So I just need my ocean spectrum to be deformed in the first place.

Thank you,


Writing exr with OCIO to jpg in COPs 2021年2月21日14:10

You mean like this ?
I don't get the same image unfortunately.

Writing exr with OCIO to jpg in COPs 2021年2月20日16:15

Thanks for you answer jsmack.

I was indeed using this method, but I have no idea of what to put in the "From space" and "To space" values.