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Has anyone tried Houdini on AlmaLinux or RockyLinux? 2022年12月19日4:32

Shigeru Iriki2
I am now using Linux Mint 20 instead of Rocky Linux 9 because of the problem of having to manually start the license server daemon every time.

I contacted SideFX support, and they kindly provided me with a solution, but since the problem is probably a bug in Rocky Linux 9, and to be precise, Rocky Linux 9 is still out of support, I have decided to use Linux Mint 20 instead of Rocky Linux 9.

thanks and good to know, I switch from Linux Mint 20 to Windows 10 because some applications for remote working didn't work and I'm more curious to try the rmp distro for it so... in the past I try Fedora, but yes! I have a similar issue you get on Rocky Linux with Houdini so I prefer some deb distro (like Ubuntu, Pop_OS!, or Mint) because all are working well and don't lose more time with a lot of workaround for fixing some strange problems. Unfortunately, I love to complicate my life and I hate Windows (a lot of bug also after the update) so I choose to test Alma Linux the next time (maybe after early '23) to check if I can come back on Linux OS also for remote working.

in all cases thanks and have a good day (and best wishes)


ps.: I promise to update you if Alma linux working well

Has anyone tried Houdini on AlmaLinux or RockyLinux? 2022年12月18日12:10

Shigeru Iriki2
I develop on Rocky Linux 9 and have not run into any major issues. The only issue that I have encountered is that the Help Browser does not work, which is a common issue that many newer operating systems are experiencing. It seems to be Qt related, but we're still looking into it.

I appreciate your input.

I will try Rocky Linux 9

and how are you feeling about it?

I used for 2 months Alma Linux because in the company where I worked they used it, but I'm very curious and I don't know if switch to Alma or Rocky at home now


transfer the rotation inside the poitn deform and packed geo 2022年11月9日13:58


I try to work with grains and packed geometry. I had a simulation of grains and then connected a fragmented geometry (with assemble and packed geo checked) but my pieces didn't rotate or didn't follow the normal orientation.

Is there a way to do that?

Thanks and have a good day