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Lead Animator and 3D artist, developer and designer for interactive theaters, linear exhibits, and projection experiences.


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KineFX | Eye rigging with APEX
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KineFX | Create a Robot Rig using APEX
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KineFX | APEX Rig Graphs
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KineFX | Create a Ball Rig using APEX
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KineFX | Rigging with APEX

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Output to FBX with skel? 2024年6月22日3:23

Please point me at a tutorial where in under 5 minutes I can take a simple biped, add bones, capture and animate
Shameless plug, but I've got some videos that will help get you started. []

Please point me at a tutorial where I can learn how to export all this to an FBX for use in other apps, such as UE.
I've included a file that lays out how to export an APEX character to a game engine. So far it's a bit unintuitive, but you have to unpack the animated skeleton and the rest geo / skeleton separately.

I'd also suggest following the method I've laid out here, as it's much more efficient to keep your skeletal mesh (bound geometry with rest skeleton) on one side, while importing your skeleton animations as a separate asset. This process goes hand in hand with bundling up your animations within nodes, and makes exporting / importing much cleaner.

Rigging the spine with APEX (using curves) 2024年6月22日2:46

Your YouTube tutorials have been very helpful to me, and here you are again, I really appreciate it.
Awesome! I'm glad they're helping.

I've looked at the apex network through the unpack folder, but I'm not sure how to control rig::SplineInterpolateTransforms
You shouldn't have to jump into the rig graph to make any changes to the rig, everything you need to worry about is in the autorig sop node.

I thought I could get the order of the curves by entering the tangent values of the bezier curves, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted.

Is there any other way to make it smoother?
How can I get the shape to come out right when using a curve order of 4?

I went into the same spine setup that I made for you, and when I put the curve order to 4 the curve smooths out with no issues. Just put down your curve and resample it without making any drastic changes, and make sure that all of your naming conventions line up.

If you keep running into issues, post your project and I'll see if I can help out.

Rigging the spine with APEX (using curves) 2024年6月18日7:33

You definitely have the right idea on how to do this. The trick is to make sure the orientations of the Guide skel and the Base skel match, or your bones will be tossed all over the place.

I've attached a file with a working solution. Hope it helps