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Recent Forum Posts

APEX look at 2024年1月29日3:47

I'm trying to rig my test character in APEX, but I am stuck at the LookAt part.

In Apex edit graph there is transform__lookat, but I didn't manage to make it work, and there is no documentation for it.

I followed up APEX rigging Masterclass, there is just pointed to the finished setup in the Lucha and chicken file, which I managed to rip off and use in my setup.

Is currently the only way to rip off finished rigs to be able to make basic rigs for simple characters?

looking forward to more user-friendly modular nodes for building the rigs.

Karma sequence render issue, exit code -1073741819 2022年5月24日2:03

oh, great, thanks for this workaround

hopefully, they will fix it in some update in redshift.

Karma sequence render issue, exit code -1073741819 2022年5月6日9:51

I encounter one problem with Karma (first on XPU, but appears that it also affects CPU).

When I work in Stage, and in viewport, it renders as it should, but when try to render frame Range, I hit render to disk (or Render to disk in background) it exports just the first frame and exit render with this error message:

Failed to complete render: exit code -1073741819
Use a Log Viewer with External Render Processes enabled for more information.

I tried to include renderlog, but there is no error in there even if I set the verbose level to 9.

it happening on Houdini indie 19.0.589 py3.

thanks in advance