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RBD bullet solver cone twist constraint 2023年5月9日17:43

Here's a quick example showing how you might setup some conetwist constraints to use with the RBD Bullet Solver SOP.
Notice I'm only driving a few of the conetwist constraint properties via attributes on the constraint prims.
If you want different settings per constraint for other properties, you'll need to add them as attributes and make sure their default values (which will be multiplied by the prim attributes) on the RBD Bullet Solver are set to 1.

The tricky thing with the conetwist constraint would have to be the motor_target. It's not very intuitive in the slightest. While the parameter on both the RBD Bullet Solver SOP and the ConeTwist ConRel DOP specify a motor_targetr vector param, you need to set a quaternion motor_target attribute. This attribute needs to be updated at every timestep, so make sure you add it to the list of constraint attributes to be updated by the RBD Bullet Solver.

Thanks, npetit! Just before finding this, I managed to get something in that worked however seeing your motor setup has more implementation possibilities. Thank you so much! I converted your VEX to vop with success but whatever my setup is doing, I supposed I need more work getting that working.

Labs Building Generator 2023年5月6日15:25

I am looking for help using the built in Variations that exist in the more up to date Building Generator Utility for use with the building generator(Not the pattern Version). It's similar to Kristophers finding except it allows the usage of Variations with a weight percentage so you don't get so much randomness. The reason I am interested in this is because the pattern one has problems with corners.

Labs Flipbooks flickering emission problem. 2022年2月19日9:53

I am having some strange problems with flipbooks and emission in UE4. If I compile my own BASIC UE4 shader with Just Final Color and Emission and none of the advanced material functions my material looks fine in playback. But when I have emission and use either the basic or advanced UE4 materials I get flickering in the emissive part of the material which is increasingly more noticeable when played slower. I have tried to adjust the motion vector settings on the material and even disabled all the motion vector features. I have exported the HDR motion vector in the form of exr to get more accurate interpolation and it still occurs.

If I turn of emissive intensity or set it very low the problem goes away but so does my emissive texture.