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Andreas has spent a third of his life as a VFX artist in the games industry working on games of all shapes and sizes. From gritty explosions in Battlefield 1 to whacky powerups in Disney Universe He recently realized that there is a despicable lack of educational material for realtime vfx so he decided to try and do something about it. In both his work and tutorials he strives to live by KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Finding simple solutions to hard problems has become an addiction and it's the reason he's neck deep in Houdini. He's currently freelancing for some of the biggest names in both games and VR.


My Talks

obj-image GDC
Volume to Mesh Workflows | Battlefield 1
obj-image EUE
Realtime VFX Workflows


obj-image Intermediate
obj-image Beginner
VAT Paintsplat! // Houdini for Games
obj-image Beginner
Flowmaps! // Houdini for Games
obj-image Beginner
CurveSweeper // Intro to Houdini Engine // Houdini for Games
obj-image Beginner
Cloudscape! // Houdini for Games
obj-image Intermediate
Houdini VFX for Games

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Day 1 | Elements: Earth 2020年7月1日17:40

I'm more used to making things show up in Frames per second, but this challenge could be a good chance to learn a bit more about the other side of rendering. Here's a piece of Earth!