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Multicolored Pyro Sim Rendering 2021年12月9日18:38

So, I was watching tutorial from Paul Esteves [] and in section 08 Pyro Solver he created multicolored Pyro sim with attribute adjust color node, but for me its impossible figure out a way to get these color attributes in to the pyroshader and render it out with Karma, could anybody give me a hint how to do it? I tried prim var reader to read the Cd and displayColor and various attributes but still got nothing. Any hint or idea is appreciated.

MaterialX changing displacement parameters over time Karma C 2021年11月13日6:38

Hi, I have setup /see the images and file below/ where I would like to change MatX fractal position over time in KARMA CPU /so the displacement would look like it is moving/, previously with principle shaders or another shaders I would do this in material builder and connect parameter "Time" to position because VOPs are not time dependend or whatever that failure message was so you had to build time dependent shader in material builder with parameter, but you can not paste MatX to mat builder,so is there any work around or trick how to do this please?

Another thing is disconnected edges with displacement i found that if normals are changed rapidly this disconnecting will disappear this is how it should be done or I am missing something also?

AMD Radeon ProRender: How to render RPR? 2021年7月22日14:59

Use USDrender ROP set Renderer to RPR and Output image to desired path with .exr