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Flip Fluids and RBD Glue 2013年12月3日12:05

I want to have an interaction between a flip fluid simulation and RBD's. My goal is to fracture a falling active RBD on collision with the fluid. Additionally I want to use a dynamic constraining to keep some parts together and some not. I think the “RBD Glue Object”-DOP could work, but it doesn't. A “RBD Fracture Object” DOP is working, but it's fracturing the parts instantly after the collision.

I attached a simple setup. The interaction between flip fluid and the two RBD boxes is working generally. The RBD is colliding and floating after a moment. The “RBD Glue Object” holds the pieces (the two boxes) together, but after collision with fluids the glue will not be break, even with glue strength “0”. It seems that the glue impulse, which is responsible for breaking the glue, is not calculated in interaction with a flip fluid. I added a passive ground and started a sim without the fluid and the behaviour of the glue DOP is like expected, the boxes are breaking and I get a value for the glue impulse.

Is there a limitation or do I have add data to the flip solver for calculating the glue impulse? Or is there another setup necessary? A played around with the “Glue Contraint Relationship” DOP as well, but with no success.

Sorry but I'm fairly new to Houdini

Displaying render time in Mantra 2013年11月10日16:56

Thank you for your help.

Yes tried the “Render Scheduler”, but the render process will not be killed after the rendering is finished. So the elapsed time parameter is still running.


I played around with it once more and figured out, that there's a difference when using the “Render View”-Tab or rendering directly to MPlay. With MPlay the “Render Scheduler” is working as expected, but in “Render View” the mantra process will not be killed after finishing the rendering. I think the problem is that the “Render View” is acting as an IPR (mantra will be called with -C option) and is contuniosly waiting for rerendering, so the process is not killed.

I like the “Render View” (it's docked in the UI) and I can switch between Preview and standard rendering mode easily. I've quick access to the Mantra and camera node. I'm from Maya and I'm used to work like this.

The question is: Is there a way to get the render time when using the “Render View”-Tab?

Displaying render time in Mantra 2013年11月10日14:49

I'm a little bit confused, because I can not find a working solution for displaying the render time of the last rendered frame when rendering with Mantra. Is there a proper way to achieve this?