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Tab Menu Filter Algorithm 2023年5月23日16:33

Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年3月9日7:49

I love the new Karma XPU renderer, but I hate the fact that every time I want to edit the geometry in any way, the viewport switches out of the Karma render view and you have to get back to the Karma render view after you have edited or moved the geometry, I know that you can do the transformations in Solaris, but I like to do old school, but I suppose I could just use the Karma rop instead.
To avoid this , i always work with solaris with 2 viewers with 2 nodegraphs linked . One viewer with lops network linked and the other with a sop network linked to the other viewer.
So you can work both without changing viewers between lops and sops
If we could edit geo live in Karma that would enable awesome procedural and interactive texturing opportunities. Like drawing curves onto the geometry as guide for shaders, textures, etc.

ARM build of Houdini ? 2022年12月12日13:06

That would be really cool. But I think Houdini on M1 just uses Rosetta to convert the commands.
Everyone interested should make a feature request.