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Volume Light With Delayed Load 2018年3月15日12:54

Check the post 3 above this one. []

Load Packed Primitive, that's all it took. Thanks a lot for the link. You da man

Volume Light With Delayed Load 2018年3月14日8:07

Sorry to revive an old thread.

Has there been any progress in this area? Any way to use Delayed Load Procedural with Volume Lights? Trying to cut down on the IFD file sizes.

Twitchy Fur - What's the solution? 2017年10月11日11:45


I'm giving the new fur tools a spin on a deforming mesh and the results are good but twitchy. The guide hairs are flipping and twitching all over the place. Is there a best practice for getting nice fur results on an animated mesh? The mesh has UV's, normals and rest position setup. There are no topology changes going on. It's just a sphere with an animated mountain SOP on it. I can't think of any other information the fur tool might need to get smooth results.

Any help or general advice on this would be greatly appreciated.