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Scott Keating is senior product designer at SideFX specializing in the user experience needs of Houdini artists.


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Recent Forum Posts

Wires from hairgen 2020年4月4日16:24

Here is a simpler setup without the foreach loop and using the new Sweep SOP, which for this case will be much faster than polywire and includes a ramp for the profile.


How Would I Create Procedural Offset Cables? 2020年3月23日14:59

I'm not sure from your description exactly what you are attempting to do, but you could start quite simply by using a sweep SOP?

If you want to build something from scratch, you could also begin with an Orientation Along Curve SOP and Copy To Points, or even a Copy To Curve SOP.

Hope this helps,

Creating a partial edgeloop 2020年1月20日13:54

I take that as a big NOPE.

The above selection will work correctly, and edge divide the correct tool for your example.

Unfortunately, it is quite an old node which means some legacy behavior which is probably unexpected.

In the case of edge divide, the order of your selection determines the direction/order of the new edges. So, if you select ‘around’ your box in one consistent direction, everything should work fine.

Obviously this is not a desirable interaction, and is a known issue which we hope to address.