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Houdini and AI - what do we think? 2023年9月17日15:32

The sooner the better I guess.

Yes. A.I. is racing forward. Any call to slow down Houdini in this area is far beyong naive. It´s like when the internet came up and you ask Amazon to not sell stuff over the internet for a few years so normal retailers don`t have to catch up that fast.
But hey, on the other hand - there are people out there who still think a.i. can`t do humans hands correctly.

Houdini 20 2023年9月6日3:36

I think the great challenge all software vendors, be it for 2D/3D graphics, audio, video etc. are facing is how they stay relevant in a world where there's almost no effort and no man power required anymore to generate images/videos/sound.

There's of course a gigantic difference in the level of control, with Houdini being a super fine grained DCC which allows control over absolutely everything vs. generative art/content, which allows very little control (right now).

So the main question would be which tools, processes and associated changes will be required to get to the output as fast as possible in Houdini - and a.i. accelerated processes will be a big part in this. This way, there would be a system which allows fast but still art directable outputs.

Houdini 20 2023年9月5日13:45

You can repeat your mantra forever but I`m still seeing more and more cases where illustrators, photographers, voice talents etc. have been replaced - partially and fully, on tiny budgets but also big budget projects for coca cola etc.
Wow, an insult, I never thought I'd get one of those on that forum, an opinion is not a mantra, it is just that, an opinion!

The picture I shared was made only a few days ago by someone who apparently spends her days making AI images, look at the hands, they are all crooked, and she says that she was never able to make proper hands with AI, no one who ever posted an AI images on my FB page was ever able to make proper hands, ever, so again, I never saw, to this day, an AI image that had proper hands, whether be an animation, or a still, so insult me as much as you like, it won't change that!

ROFL. Debunking wrong statements are now "insults" :-D

Your "opinion" is still wrong. You didn`t say which generator your friend used because - according to some users and the midjourney developers, at least midjourney V5 approached that factual issue to some extent and tried to fix the hand problem: []
It`s what I see when searching online, too - in lots and lots of pictures. But please, stay with your "opinion" and spread false information. I rather prefer to see the reality so I can approach the problem because A.I. is and will be a exacerbating problem for us if we stay conniving and don`t acknowledge it.