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Don't upgrade to NVIDIA driver 496.x- roll back if you did 2021年10月31日8:54

The 496.x Studio Drivers do not work with the new curve tool rounded corner pucks. They can't be grabbed to adjust the roundness along with the other new interactive features of the curve tool.

Web Based Brain MRI Viewer (Houdini Pointclouds) 2019年5月3日11:49

Pointclouds were created with Houdini and displayed in web form with Potree []. Coloring comes from Substance Painter and the white/grey matter is from actual MRI data.

You can view it here on my website []. Load times can take a minute or two depending on connection speeds.

This was one of the most enjoyable projects I've worked on and I just wanted to show that Houdini and for that matter LIDAR data can be used outside their traditional domains.


Exporting Houdini scene to WebGL/three.js 2018年12月4日10:19

I wish I were smart enough and/or had enough time to implement HEngine for three.js; would love to embed live HDAs in documentation…

I wish for this too!