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Redshift bucket rendering - some buckets brighter 2023年3月8日16:56

Ok I seem to have figured it out. There seems to be an issue with the Hybrid rendering option in RS at the moment. The CPU buckets are occasionally producing brighter squares.

So I turned off Hybrid Rendering and now the buckets are calculating correctly.

Strangest thing is that hybrid rendering seems to run slower. You'd think CPU+GPU = faster??... something seriously wrong with that at the moment.

Redshift bucket rendering - some buckets brighter 2023年3月6日22:38


I'm encountering an issue with Redshift running in Houdini 19.5 for Apple Silicon Mac Studio Ultra max spec.

Renders are producing randomly brighter buckets on certain textures in scenes. Attachments to illustrate one such scene where a rock texture is giving a random artifact within the bucket. Other textures within the bucket don't appear brighter.

Bucket size for this scene was 256. 512 buckets will occasionally hang for too long so I've opted back to 256 even though it is slower.

Is it a texture caching issue between the GPU and CPU?

Anyone know what might be causing this?

A redshift install for Houdini 19.5 on Apple Silicon 2022年11月23日13:34

I figured it out. The packages method seems to work. If anyone is interested.