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Smoke/fire Trail from particles 2016年2月25日7:47

You need to turn on “Generate Volume From SDF” in Fluid Source/Scalar Volumes/Stamp Point
And for trails i prefer to use smoke solver instead of pyro.

How to inject velocity into my explosion 2015年12月14日11:26

My goal is the last two explosions from this video (https://vimeo.com/126576359) [vimeo.com]

How to inject velocity into my explosion 2015年12月14日11:21

Have a look at this file:

Thank you a lot for your help!
I have a question:
why you're taking sopgeometry node after pyro solver? I thought that we need to get our geometry path on input 1 of pyro solver

I've tried to use perticles velocity in my sim, but i had something like that, please take a look at this file