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Can you return and redeem licenses more than 3 times? 2018年10月9日20:57

I wish SideFX would reconsider this scheme. Finally owning and loving my Indie license, it honestly feels like the last ball and chain of the package.

I had to totally reinstall my Windows 10 due to the fact for some reason my Black Magic Fusion Studio and Resolve 15 simply wouldn't open any longer; splash screen and then nothing…

Everything is working fine now that I reinstalled, and I'm slowly reinstalling all my other graphics wares, but I was afraid to install Houdini 16 because

1) I still have an active license sitting on my other, now unused SSD w/broken Win 10 on it,
2) I wasted one being new to the package and went to my account (and I think?) returned one cause I was confused on working w/the licensing system and

3) I didn't want to blow any “chances” of being able to install v17!

If I could simply flip a switch and return all my licenses I'd be so happy!

I love how Allegorithmic and even FX Home w/HitFilm lets you log into your account and manage your licenses; you can see ALL the activations, and either kill them all at once, or individually. Even Pixologic lets you request deactivations wo/penalty…

I'd frankly LOVE the option of buying a dongle - yes, thank you, YES!

So I'm waiting for v17 to install on my new installation - I'm praying it will work!

Frankly I can't stand Windows 10 w/all the forced updates and quirks and bugs; I was so tempted to go back to Win 8.1 Pro, but opt'd to give Win 10 one more chance - I've been backing up like crazy just so if a program install breaks something I can go back to a working state…


PS - I do want to say from the bottom of my heart, thanks SO MUCH SideFx for giving us hobbyist and tinkerers access to Houdini; such an amazing package for the asking price, especially with all the apparent love, energy and sweat that goes into each outstanding update!

Houdini 16, booleans and polybevel 2017年4月24日8:46

THIRSTY for this, I hope you iron out your purchasing venue soon!

I would love Gumroad as well having bought a lot of Blender add-ons there, but again, hopefully you'll figure out something, I'd love to have this for Houdini…


Houdini 16 - Learning path 2017年4月8日21:45

I finished watching Rohan Dalvi rocket tutorial and now following along in Houdini 16 - I highly recommend that tutorial! It covers a bit of everything. I'm also new to Houdini starting with 16.

http://www.rohandalvi.net/rocket/ [rohandalvi.net]

Purchased, the resultant animation w/the rocket puffing up is so cute! Can't wait to dig in and learn how to accomplish the things shown in this video!


Hey Will,

How are you doing with rocket tutorial? I might skip some parts(since much of the stuff is repeatative,i.e. using carve). I also plan on learning some Unity this year.

Hey Son, the pace was a bit too fast for me in this tut, and I felt it assumed a lot more familiarity w/Houdini than I have at the moment, I'm finding that the PluralSight tutorial's pace and hand-holding fits my experience level much better.

I'll come back to this tutorial when I have more Houdini experience under my belt.