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Shape Curves Tool - creates Braids, Dreadlocks, Curls, etc 2022年9月8日22:33

Thanks for posting. Yep I got it working a couple months back, tracked down the issue.

Im sure not the first time there has been a python2 - 3 bug

How to re-cache strokes when using guidegroom? 2022年8月24日23:41

In my opinion the recache strokes feature in the original guide groom rarely if ever worked in production.

I stress tested it a lot. In my initial tests I would give it the worst case scenario and with each cycle I would go for easier and easier situations for it to solve and even then it wouldn't parse the results that was useable.

If im honest it's a feature i do not miss.

But you are freely able to switch back to the guideGroom 1.0 in H19.5 with the Asset Manager. But i will take the optimized guideGroom 2.0 over it no question.

[VIDEO] Comparing the Guide Groom Sop - H18.5 v H19 2022年7月23日14:45

This issue has been fixed in H 19.5.

Turn on Maintain Even Length Segments when Constrain Length is turned off.

Thank you SideFx for you efforts. I consider these regressions to be resolved.