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Troble with shading ocean 2017年12月6日3:32

The problem was been in different positions of volume geometry node and ocean surface.

Troble with shading ocean 2017年11月28日6:25

Hello, I did the ocean for the “INTERMEDIATE OCEAN FX” lesson, and unfortunately I got a strange result on the render. First I think is the trouble with displacement bound, but increasing this parameter don`t affect on render, only increase time of render.

Some picture of my scene setup:

If anyone can help to solve this issue I will very appricieted.

Trouble with cache fluids in vdb format or bgeo 2017年10月10日3:33

Can't tell from the video what's going on. You never showed the geometry spreadsheet or middle clicked the dopimportfields node to show whether or not it was importing anything. I suspect it is not, and that's why it doesn't write anything out. Ensure the object name specified by the dop import is correct.
Thanks for help, you right, name of default object was wrong ^_^