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How do i edit curve points ? 2019年2月17日13:45

I got the point!
I had to pick point selection/edit from the left menu when using the Edit SOP.
This other thread helped me figuring this out: []

How do i edit curve points ? 2019年2月17日13:35

I have a similar issue.

The problem is I want to edit my curve inside the SOP context.
My curve was imported into a SOP from an external source.

I thought I could achieve this using the Edit SOP, but I coundn't.
The Edit SOP shows the bezier curve CVs along the curve, but I neither can select nor transform them.
Curve SOP also doesn't work.

How do I edit a curve inside a SOP if I don't have access to it's creation nodes?

VEX: nested loops doesn't work as espected 2018年4月12日13:50

Man, this is a superb solution! haha
I learned three things I wish never forget!
I badly forgot nearpoint()! :O
Thanks, Tomas!