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Vertex Animation Textures ROP 2.1 Released 2021年4月5日10:15

There is a minor bug in latest VAT Plugin (18.5.538) that prevents the Mat Instance Scripted Action from working ... The Mat Instance Scripted Action Blueprint is hardcoded to always use a Rowname of "Soft", while the VAT Exporter correctly sets it to "Rigid". Changing to Rigid to fixes it.

Redshift ViewportIPR 2021年3月24日13:58

The latest release includes a ViewportIPR in addition to the Redshift RenderView and MPlay IPR....

Just thought I would mention in case anyone missed it in the release notes...

Vertex Animation Textures ROP 2.1 Released 2021年3月3日19:00

Jeremy Kendall
Hey Mike has there been a tools update for UE4.26? The current Vat script tools that convert the Jason File over to a working material is no longer showing up. The Script tool to convert the texture settings over does show up but does not apply settings. Thanks Jeremy
So the Scripted actions are defined in the SideFX_Utilities_BP and this relies on the DataPrep plugin.

Make sure the DataPrep (experiemental) plugin is enabled.