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Have fluid flow along rapidly deforming geo, help. 2023年1月11日23:14

What if instead of sourcing from the center of the walker, you sourced from the pseudopods? Activate life expectancy for the source particles, have the FLIP Solver reap, and they will evaporate over time.

That is a great idea too, thanks for the suggestion. It looks pretty elegant in your GIF. I will try it out.

But I can't let go of my original goal yet. Mostly, because I feel like it shouldn't be that hard, but my knowledge of Houdini is lacking. Also it gives the creature a different vibe, not as menacing as what I was aiming for.
Any ideas as to why the collision geometry might not contain the particles?

My original goal was something like this: []

Fluid or worm-like things flowing along and down the body.

Have fluid flow along rapidly deforming geo, help. 2023年1月10日3:53

I have been trying to have fluid flow down the legs of this procedural walker: []

(One iteration was, using the Gas Target Force, as shown in this video: []
But since the Target is moving and deforming constantly, the liquid moving too hectically, and almost only situated at the legs in the back.

So I thought I would create a container around the walker, to stop the particles, from moving away from their target.
Walker geo -> VDB reshape SDF (dilate)

But I don't manage to create a collider, that contains the particles.
Can someone tell me how to set this up correctly?

How to center a walking character and invert the transform? 2023年1月5日1:21

I assume you are not using KineFX as that has its own Locomotion extraction tools, but for any cached deforming geo you can also use extract centroid and transform pieces
Thank you very much, this was very helpful.
I had tried it with the invert transform, but I didn't manage to get it to transform the simulated fluid, in order to match the character's position. With your method, I could simply merge in the fluid before the "transformpieces_to_world".