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Senior Quality Assurance Specialist at SideFX.


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Houdini 18.5 Production Build updated to 18.5.563 2021年4月30日16:30

Hidey ho! The Houdini 18.5 Production Build has been updated to 18.5.563. Enjoy!

Here's a link to the journal for all the changes that went in since the last production build: []

CRASHINNGGG 2021年4月6日9:56

If you could log a bug with a crashlog, that would be helpful. Thanks. []

Canadian folks off on vac Friday, April.2nd 2021年3月31日11:57

Hidey ho! The Canadian folks at SideFX will be off this Friday, April.2nd for Good Friday. We'll be eating lots of chocolate and definitely won't be getting together for large family gatherings during a pandemic because that would just be irresponsible. Some of us will be off on Monday April.5th too because we will have gorged ourselves with ham and chocolate and need more recovery time.