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Hip file drag and drop onto gui not working 2021年1月12日9:01

I am having the same problem at the moment?

running 18.0.416

the weird thing is. it works on some computers but not others in our studio setup?

has this been fixed with later versions?

cheers Daniel

just installed 18.5.408

still having the same issues.
did anyone manage to fix this?

- UPDATE 2 -
for some reason this function stopped work for me when the software is running in administration mode?
I informed the SESI.

Adding text overlays in network view? 2021年1月6日7:26

interested to know if this is possible.

deadline working with 18.5? 2021年1月6日7:20

hi Everyone.

we are currently using 18 in production at the studio, and working fine with deadline 10.

and I dont believe 18.5 is yet officially supported by Deadline.
but they seem to take ages to bring support online for newer releases of houdini?

has anyone got any idea if there is any way to get it to work with 18.5?