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Strange problem with ROP Alembic please help 2020年2月21日20:16

The Clean SOP has an option to remove unconnected points and should be removing them unless you turned off the option. If it is failing, would you be able to share a simplified example demonstrating it fail? An Attribute Wrangle SOP iterating over points with an expression like “i@unconnected = (@primnum < 0);” should be able to identify unconnected points. A future release of Houdini will make it a lot easier to identify unconnected points.

Strange problem with ROP Alembic please help 2020年2月20日19:03

The Alembic library imposes some constraints on how data can be organized. The path attribute lets you tell the Alembic ROP where you want everything placed in the resulting Alembic archive. The warning message is telling you that some items could not be placed in the location you specified so the ROP has moved the items in order to export them to the Alembic archive. I suspect your “/op:/obj/geo4/bough_br” and “/op:/obj/geo4/branches” primitives are packed primitives containing geometry that cannot be exported as a single shape node in an Alembic archive. For example, if they contain polygons and unused points, the Alembic ROP will need to create a PolyMesh to hold the polygons and a PointMesh to hold the point cloud (they cannot both be called “/op:/obj/geo4/bough_br”). If it is not obvious which parts of the geometry have to be split into separate shape nodes, take a look at the “/op:/obj/geo4/bough_br” and “/op:/obj/geo4/bough_br_1” items from the resulting Alembic archive.

Bend SOP issue... 2020年1月13日15:55

This bug was fixed in Houdini 18.0.307.