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IRON HEART WINNERS | Date Changed - you may need to repost 2022年4月3日23:30

Well.... submitting just at the end, once again...

It was a pleasure getting to see all of the amazing participating artists' work each day. Thank you SideFX for organizing and hopefully I have the time to compete again next year.

I will be posting animated versions of each daily setup on my Instagram ( @dotsimulate ) if you want to check that out. I hope to continue seeing all of everyone's work.

Mardini 2022 was a wild ride and I was playing catchup for most of it, but I am very happy with the artwork it got me to make and all of the little tools I developed along the way. Karma and KineFX are incredible recent additions to Houdini. CHOPs is sick too, but crashes Houdini. I've been in the Touchdesigner world for the past few months, so this was an excellent trail by fire way to get back into Houdini. I spent a bit too much time each day building my setup and not enough time on lighting and rendering, but the past week I've been using Karma and the lighting tools within Solaris and I'm super pumped to be getting comfortable with those tools.

Looking forward to more Houdini time!


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Day 26 Image | KineFX | Secondary Motion 2022年4月3日23:10

Forgot to post this one... Hope you enjoy!=

Day 28 Image | Solaris | Layout 2022年4月3日21:01

Started using Karma on day 29... but I guess later is better than never.