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Sculpt SOP - Move 2020年2月23日18:09

Konstantin Kovalenko
so guys I made an asset, its quite simple, if somebody interested, here is the preview
and an asset, enjoy
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qjCikD4Qm40Squ2L0vKN_8cj2yXcUJTZ/view?usp=sharing [drive.google.com]

for comments and advises how to make it better welcome)

Really nice! Would be extremely useful to have this as part of the native Sculpt node (which supports symmetry and various brush options). I'm finding the node great but really missing the move functionality.

Sculpt tool not smoothing 2020年2月23日17:13

Also got stuck on this for a bit, the viewport right click menu works but the “Smooth Points” on the SOP itself always seems to deform unless applying to all. Might be easier to grasp if the setting in the SOP matched the right click menu. Really useful tool other than that slight issue!

Plugin failed to load in 4.20 2018年8月3日17:04

+1, hope to see a binary version of the plugin ship in the near future! Thanks!