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Layer Mix inside KARMA XPU 2022年12月21日11:19

Hi everyone, I'm new to KARMA renderer, and as I see shader mix is not the same as it is in the mantra

so can anyone explain or show me a sample of how am I supposed to do the same thing in KARMA?

Stop Solver Computing, Stuck Here !! 2021年12月7日11:06

hey everyone, this is a bit silly question but I'm stuck, if anyone can help me it would be great!
so on the pic, I'm moving sphere calculating distance between current grid Voronoi pieces and sphere, so if the distance
is close enough P.y would go up a bit, so to keep it up like that, I'm trying to use solver but the problem is that as the sphere stops those Voronoi pieces under the sphere still keeps going up. any ideas? there is a hip file in case if anyone would want to sacrifice their appreciated time. and also any idea how can I rotate pieces against the sphere, so it would look nice and neat. thank you!

convert Non Commercial file 2020年6月30日22:31

hey everyone, can you help me pls ? i want to convert non commercial hipnc to commercial hip file ? is that possible. Thank you !