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Recent Forum Posts

Houdini 20 keynote 2023年11月8日4:54

Igor Zanic will be doing a presentation at the upcoming Belgrade HUG. During the beta, he was primarily (if not entirely) working on a single desktop, to evaluate performance. We will be recording and posting the event; probably he will mention overall impressions on the new Flip Volume Combine and overall workflow feel. Also, if you are in Belgrade, do come attend - it is happening next week! []

19.5 daily builds 2022年7月26日13:53

ok for the content library but what about daily builds ?
I asked guys and they said "soon".

19.5 daily builds 2022年7月26日11:11

Hi guys - sorry for the delay, but we are just getting a few things in order, before posting the Content Library material for pyro examples, as well as some of the other files shown in the H19.5 release material. Apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience. We will be sure to make it known once these are published.