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Topobuild 3.0 Sneak Peak
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Hex Map Generator
obj-image Utrecht
Concepting Hard Surface Geometry
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H17 Sneak Peek: PolyDraw
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Size Matters: The New Measure SOP
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CG Blacksmithing

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Silly question about polysplit 2018年9月2日20:40

AFAIK there isnt a way to constraint like in PS.
you can either:
- enable Divisions in polysplit (for snapping points)
- use Knife and enable either grid or point snapping

* oops i forgot to mention you also have Clip SOP (just change Keep to All Primitives)

Siggraph 2018 2018年8月24日9:22

@fuos @vux sorry guys but i'm not gonna comment beyond what i showed in the presentation. hope that you can understand :-|

Siggraph 2018 2018年8月21日16:18

well you will laugh (cause i said it in the presentation too) but it's so fresh, there is not even icon for it - at the time of presentation/demo