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Some beginner questions regarding environment rendering 2019年10月21日17:10

Hi rmu welcome to the Houdini's forum.
If I understood what is your goal… maybe Houdini is not a good tool for you… probably Blender will suite better you needs.

Houdini 18 release date? 2019年9月30日8:52

To be honest I am eager.
I loved the presentation so much.

Is there any option in Mantra, to skip (existing) rendered frames? 2019年9月16日8:50

Hi Masoud.
If I understood correctly you want to skip some frames?
If I am right it simple, when you “turn on” RENDER FRAME RANGE you will see START - END -INC normally INC is set to 1 if you put it set to 2 and it will drop 1 frame like this 1-3-5-7 etc or you can put “1.5” it is not a kidding you can use float.
If it is not what you looking for sorry :-)