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Musculoskeleton and character mesh are different 2023年10月6日10:27

This workflow is awesome and very important if you want to have a good muscle template already setup and use it for several creatures.
Thanks John for pointing us in the right direction.

Radial Gravity 2014年10月16日5:43

Thanks a lot. This is exactly what I wanted.

Cheers !

Radial Gravity 2014年10月15日13:18

Hello all.

I would like to design a radial gravity force field to manage a bunch of rocks attracted by a point. The reason I need a radial gravity is because I want to compute the mass of each piece for the interaction between them BUT I dont want the mass taked into account by the force. I tryed a radial field with a magnet force driven by a metaball but it didn´t work: little pieces are accelerated faster than bigger ones. Anyone has a clue how to design the radial gravity witch doesn´t take into account the mass of the RBD´s?

Thanks in advance.