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Is there a full GPU renderer avaiable for Houdini ? 2014年8月16日2:10

I have the Lightwave version, and Juanjo has done an incredible job. Looking forward to the running on Houdini!!

GTX titan and horrendous drivers (314 and 320 beta) 2014年4月1日21:55

Any news on stability of new nVidia drivers for Titan on Win7-64?

GTX titan and horrendous drivers (314 and 320 beta) 2013年11月11日12:18

when I run Houdini 13, I get the warning about 314.22. However, problems with the driver may be related to win8 rather than win7 (which I'm running).

The http://odforce.net/wiki/doku.php?id=graphicscardissues&#amd_catalyst [odforce.net] seems to indicate only problems with win8 also.

So, maybe the warning, if I'm on win7, is not correct?

BTW - I've seen many, many posts about crashes in Chrome & Firefox when viewing YouTube with higher versions than 314.22. I strongly suggest anyone using more recent versions disable hardware acceleration in both (possibly in VideoLan.org VLC also).

using about:config in Firefox: webgl.disabled, noscript.forbidWebgl