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varying "start frame" setup 2022年6月15日21:25

Hello Magicians,

I have these lines here that I have animation on. However, I want each line (each line a separate prim) to start animating at varying frames. My ideal end goal is similar to the pyro burst source node, in which they have a parameter "start frame" that allows me to randomly vary the start frame in the "attribute adjust float" node.

I've been trying to make a similar setup but to no avail. Does anyone have suggestions or solutions? I'd really appreciate some help.

Thank you in advance.

IRON HEART WINNERS | Date Changed - you may need to repost 2022年3月31日20:59

Iron Heart!!!

This is my second time (the first was Houly), I felt relieved it's done. I struggled a lot and learned a lot too.

Day 31 Image | Solaris | Material Variation 2022年3月31日20:54

Mardini 31