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Syphon out of Houdini (opengl) 2023年3月2日4:37

Hello, I am also curious about the NDI output from Houdini. Are there any news in developing/utilizing this interface?

Houdini rotation to UE4 rotation? 2023年1月13日5:43

Thank you very much @dpernuit

I wanted to match the rotation of Houdini camera (exported from Houdini to USD and imported with USD Stage Unreal plugin). I managed to get it working, but I had to shuffle the quaternion different way.

I inverted y coordinate in quaternion instead of w:
hou.Quaternion(x, z, -y, w)

In UE, there should be left handed coordinate system, but rotating around X and Y axes in UE follows the right hand rule. Can someone please shed some light on this?

(btw I also had to pre-rotate the Houdini camera with hou.hmath.buildRotateAboutAxis(world_cam_UP_vector, 90) so that it looks the same direction as UE cam)

Sopimport: toggle Load from disk vs. import from sops 2022年11月10日3:34

Hello Bryan, thank you so much for explanation! I did not even know about such use of Context Option, neat!