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Is somewhere an Houdini plugin update for unreal 5.4? 2024年4月25日4:29

Cody Spahr
Latest update I've gotten was 5.4 was postponed for tomorrows production build. And will be available on Fridays daily builds, as tomorrow's release didn't give us enough time for testing.

And for 19.5, the fixes will need to be ported over by the team, and will not include binaries for 5.4, and users will need to build it themselves.

Great, thanks for the update. Building the plugin ourselves is fine.

But: I see there hasn't been a production release of Houdini since 19.5.773. But the 19.5 plugin branch has been updated to 19.5.904. Will there be another production release of 19.5? I prefer not to use the Dailys because they don't stay on the launcher for very long and getting my team all using the same Daily has proven difficult in the past.

(In particular I need a version that includes this pull request from me that was accepted: [] )

Is somewhere an Houdini plugin update for unreal 5.4? 2024年4月23日13:19

Once 5.4 is out of preview mode, we will do our internal changed to the plugin and launch it as soon as we can. Usually it takes around 1-2 weeks after the Unreal version goes live.

I see there's a commit to the 20.0 branch with 5.4 support: []

Will the 19.5 version of the plugin also get 5.4 support?

How to set StaticMeshComponent Mobility? 2022年11月25日10:03


When a HDA has a StaticMeshComponent output, it creates one with the Mobility set to Movable. I would like my outputs to have Mobility set to Static. How is this possible? I don't see it listed on this page: []