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How to export Vellum particle sim into alembic simulation? 2022年10月2日16:36

Thanks for your response sepu, I was testing out CINEMA4D and Keyshot in this case. two DCC's which usually have decent alembic support. How would I go about exporting for those two packages?


How to export Vellum particle sim into alembic simulation? 2022年10月2日6:44

Hey guys I am a relatively new Houdini user and just wrapped my head around setting up basic sims with Vellum. and followed this awesome abstract particle tutorial by entagma
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grPVW0vK6PE&t=394s [www.youtube.com]

I am having trouble exporting a Vellum grain spheres simulation to alembic for use in another 3D package. It appears only the points are being exported.

What are is the method/nodes required to export the entire animation of spheres?
project file attached

thank you,

Best Way to Learn Houdini to become specialized VFX artist 2022年9月1日5:18

Appreciate the info guys. really helpful. I guess I can confirm learning certain workflows like PYRO and FLIP sims can go through massive overhauls with each successive Houdini version. So i'll aim to be very selective about learning content. More than happy to pay premium for best courses out there. I can see companies like Rebelway and CGMA have pros that regularly keep up with updates?