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LOP based HDA not working in Houdini Engine Maya 2024年4月24日16:39

We disable LOPs and anything that may bring in any of Houdini's UI libraries as it can cause conflicts with the libraries used in other applications. We err on the side of caution, but you are able to re-enable them at your own risk.

In the mod file for Houdini Engine for Maya, remove USD_Opsfrom HOUDINI_DSO_EXCLUDE_PATTERN. This file can be found inside the modules folder inside Maya's installation location.

Help : CORRUPT FILES 2024年4月23日12:23

Can you give us more information about your issue? Are you using Deadline? How is your infrastructure set up? Can you provide a corrupted file that we can take a look at?

HOUDINI 20 INSTABILITY 2024年4月15日16:51

When you submit errors such as these, please be sure to submit them as bugs rather than RFEs. RFEs generally have lower priority than bugs.