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Asset within another asset: bad idea? 2023年4月11日11:28

While working with nested assets I noticed that only the first layer of nested assets is installed. Is this correct?

So the setup is:
Asset A contains Asset B / Asset B contains Asset C and Asset C contains Asset D.
Asset B is inside Asset A. So all Assets are nested in Asset A.

Sorry for the confusion

If I install asset A in my hip File only Asset B is installed, which is directly in Asset A. Asset C (inside Asset B) is not installed and will not work. Only the assets directly inside of the installed asset will work but not the assets inside of them.

I will not overdo it with nested assets but for small tools and custom shaders etc. its handy.

Here you can see the test Asset. Asset B,C,D are nested in A. If all are installed it works. But if you install Asset A in a fresh scene only A and B are working.

Is it possible to save glb with object hierarchy? 2023年2月27日11:00

Yes, thats what I´m trying to do. Unfortunately it does not work. In Blender e.g. its one piece of mesh. I noticed that the ropgltf says "name attribute has different values. No mesh name will be exported"

Is it possible to save glb with object hierarchy? 2023年2月13日10:08

While exporting a fbx I can create a objects hierarchy with a path attribute. Is this also possible with the gltf export Node?
Goal is to have separate objects later instead of one mesh like in in houdini.