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Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年4月27日2:20

I think this AI threat may delay Houdini R20 as they may consider using some integrated AI, especially for Vex coding.
I think there could be AI nodes configured to work with the current nodes. I have already been doing this myself and it seems to work 80% of the time with the right prompting. At some point, an AI-assisted version of Houdini will be developed.

Think bigger! An AI context where we can noodle up our own training models!

For Stable Diffusion there is this already: []

Non-GUI way to monitor a PDG graph cook 2023年4月2日21:06

I have a fairly complicated PDG graph that will eventually need to be executed by software engineers who aren't familiar with Houdini. They are more comfortable with a command line shell than the Houdini UI... given that, what is the best way to monitor progress in a graph? Either via the shell, or maybe a web UI if that's possible?


Baking Substance Material with PDG 2023年4月2日20:53

Glad to hear that, but I wish the Substance COP UI was more "procedural". If you want to override the parameters via attributes, prepare for some Python hackery.