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Offline Job Visualization 2019年4月25日20:21

We're working on this feature - it's the major addition we are planning on. The end goal of this push would be the ability to attach a session of PilotPDG or Houdini to any running session of PDG and be able to visualize its state. Constructs will also be put in place to allow state changes in PDG to be broadcast and/or recorded.

PDG/TOPs grounded - Open letter for SideFX 2019年4月25日9:34

Yes, a few days ago a couple of us were lamenting the fact that if the CSV nodes were someone's first impression of PDG, it wasn't going to go well. With better testing, we should have identified those specific nodes and held them back or labeled as such, as you suggest. We've already gotten much better with them, and we'll make a posting once we feel we've reached the next level with these.

how to get an overview of threads per task? 2019年4月24日23:07

It's on the roadmap but not soon I'm afraid. Still lots of higher priority things to address. If however folks feel this should be really up there more, please up vote.