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Error Unable to find layer file: 2023年8月27日11:33

I ran into the same issue and was able to solve it by just putting the File Pattern in quotation marks in a reference lop: "G:/My Drive/work/2023/solaris_test/geo/manyshapes.usd"

Edit SOP create while looking through a camera in LOPs 2023年8月25日3:55

Thanks mtucker. This is hopefully something that will be implemented/fixed in future. For a layout/concept artist it's sometimes mandatory to model while looking through a camera. To adjust a landscape based on that specific view etc.

Edit SOP create while looking through a camera in LOPs 2023年8月23日9:18


I'm trying to edit a grid while looking through a camera in LOPS. The only solution I found was to LOP import the camera to obj level. Is there an easier/faster way to do it?

If I'm inside the sopcreate, the camera is not showing up, since it's downstream in LOPS (see screenshot leftside). When I plug the grid below the camera (right), Houdini crashes.