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Houdini Indie vs Houdini FX for Remote Artist 2020年5月17日15:46

Indie license is incompatible, it reduces to an apprentice license IIRC, and also not allowed via the license restrictions. i.e. you can't sell your services by providing a .hiplc file.
I know this is a year old post but I just stumbled onto this.

So, when I'm ready to profit off my work in Houdini Indie- I can't? It's a bit confusing…

I'd need to get a Core license?



you can earn money with houdini indie but you can't share .hip, Geo, shaders,…. files as a project work. final render files can be sold.

you can read the license agreement or get in contact with SideFx for full clarifications.

license-agreement []

6.2 Indie Licenses. Indie Licenses are only available to Eligible Indie Individuals and Eligible Indie Organizations. For clarity, if an Organization is Using a Commercial License of the Software, an Eligible Indie Individual who is Licensee Personnel of the Organization may Use the Software outside of that Organization via an Indie License. In the case of an Indie User who is using the Software to create content that is not final rendered images for a third party, and that third party will use such content in connection with a Commercial activity, such third party and its Affiliates and related individuals must also be Eligible Indie Individuals or Eligible Indie Organizations. If Licensee is taking advantage of the pricing applicable to Indie Licenses, Licensee represents and warrants that it satisfies the criteria set out in this Section 6.2.

“Eligible Indie Individual” means an individual who has in the current calendar year, or had in the most recently completed calendar year, aggregate gross revenues of less than $100,000 USD from direct or indirect Use of the Software outside an Organization.

“Eligible Indie Organization” means an Organization such that the Organization and its Affiliates collectively have in the current calendar year, or had in the most recently completed calendar year, directly or indirectly, aggregate gross revenues from all sources less than $100,000 USD. Additionally, any funding received by this Organization or its Affiliates, including private equity, venture capital, angel or mezzanine financing, and all other forms of funding, in the last 24 months is less than $1,000,000 USD.

Camera Tracker For Houdini 2020年5月13日17:52

there are some product on the market. it depends on the requirement, budget and if you have already tools that has build in tracker (cinema 4D, Nuke).
i think today you can use nearly any camera tracking software in houdini

SynthEyes is surly a top product. []

PFTrack []

there is also Mocha: []

good luck.

Will there ever be Houdini Engine for Godot? 2020年5月12日18:47

Use the houdini2godot.json file move into package folder.
Edit the file paths in the file and it should find the python class.

You can test it in the houdini python panel.

Import houdini2godot

if there is no error then it should work.

NOTE: i have only tested under windows.