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Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年3月16日9:25

Godot Engine is becoming very popular, and is probably one of the most widely used game engines, especially by independent developers. Would it be unrealistic to wish for Houdini Engine for Godot to become available, perhaps not in H20, but in one of the next major Houdini versions? Is this being considered in SideFX's long-term plans?

Made 4 years ago a proof of concept. I asked for some help and i didn't got feedback or intresst. The godot file format is simple and with gltf i think the complexity for integration is lower.
The video is old and i had also made a small code update where the instanced objects are in a csv file and the points in a csv file. Thanks to that the load time is way faster. [] []

Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年3月15日17:58

-Kill Mantra in favor of Karma.
-try to end redshift's hegemony in favor of materialx
-GPU Multithreading pyro solver.

Thank you! Finally someone who agrees that Mantra shall be dead!

Mantra is EOL since H18 the development is fully on karma. They just didn't removed from houdini because it is still a solid render engine with many functionality.

Houdini docker image? 2023年2月16日17:13