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Grain sim exploding 2020年4月14日5:12

Hi everyone. I'm doing snow simulation using grain vellum. On the image below. Black particles(object) activate white ones(ground) using “popawaken”. Once ground particles being activated, some of them are exploding for some reasons. I did a test when I activated all particles at once and it works well. I tried to increase substeps, collision passes etc. Nothing solved the problem. My guess was that perhaps when black particle is activating white ones, they are inside the radius of the white particle and it cause penetration and explosion, but activation radius set to a high value so particles are being activated way in advance. Seems like with less particle separation value it's more stable.
Does anyone know what might be the cause of this issue ?
Thank you.

Twist complex objects 2020年4月2日8:59

Thank you for explanation. That is what I was missing.

Twist complex objects 2020年4月1日14:31

Hi Aizatulin. Thank you for your reply. That's exactly what I need. I supposed to use tangents for rotation axis. The way I was getting rotation axis was subtracting current point position from position of the previous point. And there is one thing I can't understand is subtracting central point from current position and then adding it back. What is it for ?
@P -= pos;
@P *= R;
@P += pos;