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pivot at object center in Unity 2019年11月21日17:37

Is it possible to get pivot in the object center with transformations when exporting into Unity? Right now mesh from Houdini comes like on image 1. While I need it like on image 2. Second one from Maya with frozen transformations and centered pivot.

sweeping carved curve issue 2019年11月6日2:46

Thank you guys, this is exactly what I was looking for, just one thing missing - I need to make each piece separate. But this one is easy to do with assemble node. Just in case someone need this later.

sweeping carved curve issue 2019年11月5日15:33

Hi! I`m doing pipe generator based on tutorial, and I want to go for some extra features. What I`m trying to achieve is to split pipe to a segments as a separate meshes. Technically I solved this, but the issue is that once I carve the curve and group its parts as a separate primitives and then sweep them, the pieces of the pipe is not matching each other. On the picture you can see what I mean.