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Houdini 20 - OCIO - ACES 1.2 2024年6月17日4:29

Thank you for reply,
this is a basic setting for me.
Colors in render are the same. in viewport there's a problem with USD UV texture node, all is darker in viewport. I tried to convert textures in rgb rather than acescg, but is not exactly the same that I had in 19.5 with ocio 1.0 aces 1.2

Houdini 20 - OCIO - ACES 1.2 2024年6月14日9:33

I would to migrate from 19.5 to 20.
- with OCIO v1.0 and aces 1.2 in h19.5 In color correction (viewport option) I've Aces in display menu and rules in viewport menu
- with h20 OCIO default (houdini-config-v1.0.0_aces-v1.3_ocio-v2.1)it's different. I have rgb in display and aces in viewport

Renders seems identical but my usd UV texture node in viewport (Acescg) are wrong!

Houdini 20 - OCIO - ACES 1.2 2024年6月12日4:12

there's no way to use H20 with OCIOv1.0 aces 1.2 ?