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Cant react to created points within a loop within a wrangle 2022年4月22日4:43

Interesting! Is there a way around this? Or should I just treat points as a final thing and just work off arrays of positions and add all the points at the end?

Cant react to created points within a loop within a wrangle 2022年4月21日20:13

I'm having an issue whilst trying to create a random walk algorithm purely within VEX. I have a single wrangle, and within that I've got a for loop that creates a point every iteration, as long as there is an available location. However it seems no matter what I try, the created points don't react to the previously created points, resulting in clipping or weird behaviour. I've tried debugging by creating a vector array attribute of all available locations for every created point, but they're always empty.

Is there something I'm missing?

Find attached a hip with a basic setup of what I'm trying to do. The end goal would be for a point to start at zero, and randomly walk either {0,0,1}, {0,0,-1}, {1,0,0} or {-1,0,0} WITHOUT clipping into other points, if it detects a collision, it moves down {0,-1,0}. I'd preferably want it to all happen on frame 0 as well since I want to make this into a procedural tool and drive the creation of other things.

Clustering, Glue and Strength rbdbulletsolver issue 2021年12月11日19:24

So I'm working on a lego brick setup:

I'm struggling very much with trying to get glue constraints to work properly with my lego brick rbd setup. I've managed to create a bunch of connections that I want to use for a glue constraint setup:

The picture above is a series of prims I've generated, with green to red representing how strong the brick to brick connection is (more stud to hole connections means higher strength).

When I plug this into an rbdconstraintproperties and use an attribute to drive the strength of the glue, I can't seem to get it to work exactly how I want. Some parts of the glue constraint mesh is seperated, so when the sim begins I'd want those to fall and simulate seperately. But the result I get is the glue contraint network acting as a whole and even when I set some strengths to 0 it ignores it.

I've seen online and from others trying to help that you need to cluster and name pieces correctly, but i've had no luck with any of this. My end goal is to have the lego simulate like it work in real life, pieces that aren't connected to eachother will fall away, and pieces that are connected will use their strength value.

I've attached my constraint setup as well as a stash of the full mesh / proxy mesh. Any help, explinations or examples would be amazing!