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RBD breaking constraints with sheer force? 2023年8月18日8:59


I've made a custom set of constraints for a set of blocks that are connected together. Is it possible to break these constraints via a sheer force, so that constraints that are parallel to the direction of force will break a lot easier than ones that are perpendicular.

Cant react to created points within a loop within a wrangle 2022年4月22日4:43

Interesting! Is there a way around this? Or should I just treat points as a final thing and just work off arrays of positions and add all the points at the end?

Cant react to created points within a loop within a wrangle 2022年4月21日20:13

I'm having an issue whilst trying to create a random walk algorithm purely within VEX. I have a single wrangle, and within that I've got a for loop that creates a point every iteration, as long as there is an available location. However it seems no matter what I try, the created points don't react to the previously created points, resulting in clipping or weird behaviour. I've tried debugging by creating a vector array attribute of all available locations for every created point, but they're always empty.

Is there something I'm missing?

Find attached a hip with a basic setup of what I'm trying to do. The end goal would be for a point to start at zero, and randomly walk either {0,0,1}, {0,0,-1}, {1,0,0} or {-1,0,0} WITHOUT clipping into other points, if it detects a collision, it moves down {0,-1,0}. I'd preferably want it to all happen on frame 0 as well since I want to make this into a procedural tool and drive the creation of other things.